WELCOME! Hey, let me make YOU something super to eat...

Hello, I'm John and I'm glad to give you hand crafted, small batch, huge flavor fermentables with pure, powerful ingredients processed naturally and artisanally into super foods for your health and happiness.

I make all my kimchi fresh and/or custom and send it to you at peak taste and texture.  My sauerkraut, pickles, and hot chili sauce are made fortnightly and chilled to crisp, bright perfection. All are naturally gluten and grain free, plant-based, probiotic rich, and available vegan. 

COVID SAFETY: Due to availability and rigorous safety protocols at the commercial kitchen I use, I make all foods on Wednesday of each week. I ship all orders the following Monday to ensure the quickest transit time to you.

Stay well, be safe, and take care of each other.


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Garlic Black Pepper Sauerkraut

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John's Super Foods Sampler Pack!

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"John's kimchi is the best on earth. Period.

You are not going to find a better kimchi online. Period."-Brian

"John is the best in the business. Try everything!!!

Not only does it taste so good and fresh...but it’s so good for you! Nature’s probiotics! I haven’t been sick in months since eating the kimchi and sauerkrauts daily." - Kim

"This is a kickass kimchi. Unbelievably fantastic.

The aroma upon opening the bag is so fresh and sweet. I never knew kimchi could be this good. It’s flavorful, just the right amount of spices and above all, that incredible crunch you can’t get from your typical store bought variety. I also appreciate John's concern for customer satisfaction. He’ll bend over backwards to provide the best personal service possible. LOVE IT!" - Terry

"This stuff is DAMN GOOD.

It’s some of the best kimchi I’ve ever had and you can tell it’s made with love and care. Came with a lovely card and a freezer pack to keep it chilled, which was a great touch. Plus, it was an incredible price for the quantity. I couldn’t find a better one anywhere else! I’ll definitely be getting some more. This guy knows his stuff!" - Willow

"Should be called Sauerkraut of the Gods!

Thank you, John! I needed this in my life." - Meghan