General Purpose Hot Chili Sauce

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Chili Peppers:  Fresno, morella, jalapeno, toluca, habanero, ghost.

Everything else:  Organic garlic, organic apples, sea salt.

"General Purpose" is a gluten free and vegan hot chili sauce that you should buy before I eat it all. Because there are aisles of hot sauces out there competing to kill your mouth. And bless all the folks who are into that, but I just wanted to make a hot sauce that actually tastes good. There is no vinegar in the bottle. This stuff is naturally lacto-fermented. The flavor is tart, bright, funky, and salty. I let the taste of the peppers shine. Don't worry, there is still a solid backbone of heat present without being abusive. 

General Purpose goes with anything. It is real good. This is not your sugary sriracha, nor the thin watery stuff you shake out of the bottle to try to elevate your ketchup at the diner. 

This concoction is a mixture of all the hot peppers I could find, garlic, onion, apples, and sea salt lacto-fermented for two weeks to let the flavors really develop. The lactic acid provides all of the sour. All of the gut healthy probiotic bacteria come to you intact and there is no vinegar added. The whole mash is pureed till smooth, seeds and all. Pourable, but it still has body.

Each 10 ounce glass bottle is shipped out with a freezer pack. This stuff is alive, and will continue to develop over time. There are not fillers of thickeners. If the sauce separates, just shake it up.

Please keep refrigerated.

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