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Peoples' tastes are different. I get it. What I may like, you may not. I get it. All good.

So how about this: YOU order the kimchi, how YOU want it. Do you like it hot, or do you like it mild or baek style, with no gochugaru? Do you loathe radish, or desire more carrot? Less sour, or more?

If you want your own personal, small batch kimchi, made just the way YOU like it, your wish is my command. Let me know what you want. Use the personalization box when you complete your order. We'll start an easy dialogue and tailor the product to your specifications.

And please feel free to be creative. If I cannot source something or it just won't work, we can figure something else out. If not, the worst thing will be you getting a full refund. Give me 5 days for fermenting time, and I will send it off to you.

I will keep the base of the kimchi unchanged. To allow for lactobacillus fermentation the napa cabbage will still slow soak in a sea salt water brine and be mixed with an apple/onion/garlic paste/fish sauce. However, if you want less garlic...or more... you get the idea! And let me know if you want the vegan option. The rest is up to you, I'm very easy.

Please keep refrigerated.

A word about shipping...

I make all kimchi on Wednesdays and ship the following Monday. I use USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping is $5 for one item, and $2 for each additional item.