Immune Fuel: Turmeric Garlic Black Pepper Sauerkraut

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Flat leaf cabbage, organic carrots, organic garlic, fresh turmeric, organic black pepper, caraway seeds, sea salt.

Never before in the history of the universe have so many anti-inflammatory superheroes been combined in a naturally fermented sauerkraut this tasty. Tumeric, ridiculously good for you, but notoriously hard to absorb, joins forces with fresh black pepper, which increases uptake of antioxidant benefits by many orders of magnitude. This potent pair packs a tangy 1-2 punch, backed by mighty garlic and rounded out with a pinch of caraway seeds, magical flavorful indigestion reliever. How much tumeric, black pepper, and garlic is in this stuff? All of it. And it's all good.

Piperine, a compound in black pepper, boosts the body's absorption of curcumin--upwards of 2,000%, as shown in some studies. Piperine is also a serious anti-inflammatory in its own right. Garlic, always the anti-inflammatory powerhouse, boasts additional antimicrobial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antiviral properties. Thanks again, garlic! Caraway, added solely for flavor, provides the bonus digestive aid of their "carminative" properties--fancy way of saying they relieve gas and bloating.

Tumeric imparts an earthy taste. The caraway has a bit of sweetness with its light anise flavor. This is the definition of small batch. I'm only offering it in pint stand up pouches. 

This recipe is completely Whole30 and AIP compliant!

Disclaimer on product name: I'm not making any claims to health that I can't back up or which should replace medical treatment. I'm neither a scientist nor a charlatan, and assume that if you are reading this you know where it's at with the preventative and restorative benefits of real, clean, nutritious food. Be well!

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